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05-15-2012, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by TeamTippett View Post
Really the other issue might simply be local knowledge, how many casual fans think to check stubhub et al if the game is sold out via ticket master?
I'm quite sure this is part of the issue. People out here are not used to secondary markets. Dbacks playoff tickets the last few years were available directly from the team basically day of and Suits own most of the Suns tickets anyway.

However I still think it basically comes down to this. Nobody has any money in this town.

Just about every market it's hard to move stuff in. Ask anyone in sales or purchasing, or anyone who used to make money selling things locally. Coyote fans in the valley go to the games they can in the regular season. Any Coyote fan with a brain isn't budgeting for the team to go into the second round and beyond, because well they never have before. The fans who actually do still have SOME money left look on ticket master and see that basically nothing is available and take that as truth and move on. They don't even bother checking stub hub because they expect high prices there, and can barely afford direct from the team prices.

Also even in the playoffs there are east side people who simply won't go. It's lame but it is what it is at this point. So you are relying on the west side more heavily. If you think people in the valley in general have no money as I do, then you have to realize it's probably 100% worse of a financial situation on the west side.

It all comes down to economics and they are still ****.

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