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Originally Posted by OEL View Post
If the conditions for a successful team here have to be:

- perfect economy
- perfect arena location
- week-end games only, except holidays
- stanley cup contention each and every year's just not going to work.
Agreed, and that's the way it seems right now, but I don't think it follows that that's how it's always going to be.

-A better economy isn't necessarily a perfect one. It's just better.
-While the arena is fixed, the surrounding area is not. I don't know enough about Glendale or Westgate or any of that to speculate on the development, but it's entirely possible that (especially if/when the local economy rebounds a bit) this dynamic could shift, if only slightly.
-You'll always have people who can only make it to the games on weekends, for whatever reason. But a larger fanbase means a larger subset of folks who can get and will get there during the week.
-I don't think the team needs to be a contender every year to retain fans, but it does need to do it occasionally to build an audience. And again, that doesn't happen overnight. This is the first time this franchise has ever made it this far, and it's still without an owner. Plenty of reasons to be skeptical.

Still not a particularly rosy outlook by any means, but I don't think it's any different than it was a few weeks ago. If the sky is falling, it's maintaining a pretty steady rate of descent.

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