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05-15-2012, 02:24 PM
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Man, what a day this was. A 2 AM match is really killing me. I wasn't able to sleep before the match and ended up only getting 2 hours in before heading off to work this morning. I just got home and I am exhausted!

On the match: The whole rivalry panned out perfect and the vibe I got while watching was different. In 1994 I was still a young boy, 9 years old and had to follow matches through radio. It was back in the day before internet and it was difficult to fall in love with the sport and a team but it happened anyway. Last night was the start of most of the memorable series for me for a long time, I just know it!

First period was alright, both teams got chances and going into the first intermission tied was deserved on both parties. McDonagh was very important with the 2 defensive plays he had (1 one Parise, 1 on Kovalchuk).

Second period was not really poor by the Rangers, we just got outworked and outrun, no harm in that. It happens during a conference finals match. You cannot dictate 60 minutes at these stages of the play-offs.

The third period was phenomenal and for me the highlight of the play-offs thus far together with Game 5 of the Washington series. All fell into place and Kid Kreider had another blast. Man, how proud am I to cheer for such a player! Coming from the NCAA and jump into the line-up for the NHL play offs is not easy, but him playing like this? Man, what a revelation!

I am so happy right now and just hope we can pull through and take a 2-0 lead for once.

It's a great year and I am proud to be a Rangers fan! Staying up late and ruining my sleep and daily routine is difficult, but it's all worth it this season! Last I want to mention is you guys. For years I've been looking for people to talk to about hockey and this is such a diverse and fun group of people, it's a joy coming back every day and read all the honest things written on here. The messages I got from some of you guys through the months helping out were really an eye-opener.

The Rangers-core of HF is really awesome!

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