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2012-2013 Ticket Exchange Thread

Since STH renewals are in process and people are beginning to think about selling off games, I thought it's time to create a new Ticket Exchange thread for next season.

C&P from last year's:


1) As per HFboards rules, tickets may only be sold at or below face value.

"Face value" will be defined as the established and widely known single-game price for a corresponding ticket from the Sharks' box office, minus taxes and fees that are applied by said box office. You MAY reflect the price fluctuations as a result of the Sharks' dynamic pricing model in your resale value (eg for premium games you can charge the same premium price that the Sharks are charging, even if in this instance it does exceed face value). You may also charge to recover transaction fees such as those incurred by using paypal if the buyer agrees to those terms. You will not use these allowances as an excuse to extort a few unjustified extra bucks out of the buyer.

2) Post the asking price of your tickets in this thread. Failure to list your price in the post will result in its removal. "PM me/e-mail me for price info" is not acceptable. You must disclose the expected sale price publicly in this thread. You should also disclose the face value of the tickets if it differs from what you are asking. This is how we are tracking adherence to #1. Plus it makes more sense to let people decide if they want to go through the contact process only after they know if you're in their price range.

Anyone found selling tickets above face value will have their privileges to sell on the boards revoked. Repeated violations can be subject to more serious sanctions.

3) If you find anyone on here selling their tickets above face, please let a mod know. The face-value rule is really the only way we can allow tickets to be traded/exchanged/sold on here. If we (both as the Sharks board and HF on the whole) are found to be in violation of that rule it could threaten the ability to have this kind of thread at all, and I don't think anyone wants that. It is in everyone's best interests to ensure that the sales rules are strictly followed by all parties. I realize that might screw you out of getting tickets from someone, but consider what's the best thing for everyone: That you report someone who is scalping and we get to keep this thread? or that you keep quiet so you can get your tickets and then after the rules violations are found out this thread ends up getting closed down and ticket sales/exchanges are banned entirely? I certainly don't want to see the latter happening, and this isn't something that can be looked the other way on since it's potentially a legal issue for the site and not just a policy/conduct one.

Thanks everyone.

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