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05-15-2012, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by begbeee View Post
As I know Olympic Gold is something which every human being in any sport is dreaming of....except of canadians hockey players. OK, I get it.
Why is it so hard to understand?

It would be the same thing as if Canadians suddenly decided to say "Ya know what, we're going to create a new tournament called 'The World Championships of Soccer (Football)" but we're going to have it at the same time as all the other important championships..... and if the countries who are the best at it don't like it.... too bad"

And then go on to play this tournament that the best players in the world could NEVER play in.... for like 80 years. And we still kept calling it the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. But Soccer (Football) nations like England, Brazil, etc could never really compete in it because their far more important (To them anyways) championship matches were on at that time.

How do you think the citizens of England would think of this new tournamnet if they saw that none of the top Football (soccer) countries were ever really able to compete in it?

Do you think the English and Brazilians would take this new World Soccer Championships seriously? Highly unlikely.

Get it? Good.

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