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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
Sergei is 25 years old. He isn't done improving. Regardless of what pred fans thnk, Legwand is a serviceable #2 Center. I would be happy with Fisher in the 3rd center role, but that means spending 7 million in a top line center, which aren't available unless you trade for him.

as far as the we needing a top center to reach potential, the Kings top 2 centers outscored the preds by 16 points. That is Kopitar and Richards vs Fisher and Legwand 120 pts vs 104. I'm sorry, but 16 points is not worth the extra 4 million per year, which is what fishers 3.5 and (insert center fantasy here)'s 7.5 million.

no team will be perfect. ever. the past few years was we need a better power play. boom. done. then it was we need experience and size on the blue line. boom. done. We need a top 6 forward. boom done. then it was, we need a top 3 gamebreaker. boom. done. Now, since we have gotten all those without a cup, we need all those things and a 7-8 million dollar center? I don't think so. It would be nice. I think a few bad breaks/not creating our own puck luck vs Phoenix has clouded people's vision of what this team was/is. Now, when Suter makes his mind up, we can really identify needs for this team. right now, we are all playing NHL 12 on HF Boards
Oh really so when have players reached their potential 30? SK has had 5 solid years in the NHL with 3 of them being sent back and forth to the AHL. His last 18 playoff games have resulted in 1 goal and 6 assists.
Exactly Legwand is a "serviceable" 2nd line center. That means yeah he can fill in if you do not have someone else.

The debate is about are need for a top line center and you just admitted yourself that you would be happy with Fisher in a 3rd center role and that Legwand is a serviceable 2nd line center. So again who is are legit number 1 center?

Lol you can compare points and i will argue compare the talent they are working with. Kopitar is head and shoulders better than any center we currently have and he is 24. The numbers compare with Richards but none of are guys touch Kopitar, sorry.

Im sorry but having a top center talent like Kopitar and having the ability to put guys in a correct balance position would be worth the extra 4 million. What are you going to give big money to SK?

No this teams play did not cloud anyones mind of what this team truly is. All the lucky puck bounces and puck luck stopped after the Detroit series and we got shut down and guys like Legwand, Fisher, Horny, and SK got exposed big time. All the boom dones except for Webers power play were done at the trade deadline and one a couple of weeks before the playoffs. 90% of those boom dones are going to be gone this summer.

Im looking for boom dones to be signed to long term deals and a true member of the Nashville Predators not rent a Preds.

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