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Originally Posted by Rexor View Post
Just a quick question regarding his name's pronounciation:

Initially, I was pretty sure it should be pronounced as DE-SHAR-NE, however, I realized that even French-language media pronounce it as DE-AR-NE. Now I don't know much about the French I took (24 lessons and forgot most of it) but is this some peculiarity of Quebec French? Because I cannot recall any international French word with "SH" pronounced this way but maybe I'm wrong... can anyone shed some light on this?

Sorry for the OT, didn't think it was a new thread worthy.
Think of it as a composed last name, like Van Riemsdyk or El Moubarak. It is essentially Des Harnais, but in French we usually combine the names. Think of Mario Lemieux (not Le Mieux) or Louis Leblanc (not Le Blanc).

Desjardins -> Des Jardins = some gardens, or of the gardens.

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