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05-15-2012, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
I definitely think it's possible.

1) Poor ice favors the defensive team over the offensive team
2) Soft ice slows the puck down (favors defense)
3) Slow ice makes it difficult to complete passes (favors defense)
4) Soft ice is death to a forecheck (the Devils strength)

We know in the playoffs fast baseball teams will cut the grass low, and those playing against fast teams will let the grass grow higher.

We know in golf they do the same thing with the ruff, let it grow high if you're playing against bombers, cut it short if you are the bombers.

The ice last night at MSG was (IMO) the worst I've ever seen it. Why? No concert or basketball game, and it wasnt in the 80s or anything....... Add up all the above, and it's certainly at least possible the ice was that terrible on purpose. In any event, given in other sports the home teams do things with the surface to aid their advantage, I dont see why you think it's such an outrageous claim.

that is the most backwards concept i have ever heard.
why would a team mess with the ice like that and take the chance of one of their own players getting hurt?

the devils usually have terrible ice and when they were in the meadowlands it was one of the worst.

secondly, the league has people that check these things and last nights temps were close to 70 with very hig humidity and couple that with a packed house and theres your bad ice.

thers no conspiracy to alter the game.

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