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Originally Posted by Law View Post
Putting aside allegiances for a moment, dropping a team in Nassau was a horrendous business decision. Moving them to Suffolk would be comical. Again, purely from a business perspective. Landscape of sports has changed a lot since the Isles were hastily granted admittance to the NHL. Selling out the arena is only part of the equation. Moving further away from the population and media centers makes it harder and harder to compete year-after-year.

It would really be a terrible move for the organization -- so obviously I can't rule it out.
You are talking like they would be moving to East Hampton. Dropping an arena say in Heartland makes no difference than having it in Hempstead. The people that will go will drive there like they always do and that would be the end of it.

This thread really is hysterical. I thought City people were uppity but wow they have nothing on Nassau folk who thing they are better than Suffolk. This state in itself is truly comical.

Law I don't mean to direct this at you, it's just that some of the people on this board think that putting an arena at exit 53 on the LIE(wherever Heartland is) is ridiculous. It' like 20 miles away. Whoa watch out you people out that way have to drive an extra 20-25 minutes to watch the Isles, not exactly earth shattering as people on here as some seem to believe.

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