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Originally Posted by GoneFullHolmgren View Post
The Flyers offer was not the highest last summer

After signing a one-year, $3.3 million contract with the Philadelphia Flyers on Friday, the winger told reporters during a Saturday conference call that "there were a lot more teams with a higher offer than Philadelphia."
The former MVP reportedly received a one-year offer from the Pittsburgh Penguins for $2 million. The Detroit Red Wings and Montreal Canadiens were also interested in the 6-foot-3 veteran.
While money may not have been the only factor, you cannot tell anyone that it wasn’t a huge part of it. Jagr can say all he wants but he is a guy that has shown throughout his career that he is indeed fueled by money.

Penguins offered 2 Million.
Flyers offered 3.3 Million

Take a guess at which team he signed for.

desire to win another cup
With the Flyers, the team that hasn't won a cup for 37 years?

Now that the Flyers will probably offer him less, he'll just go to another team that pays higher.

Originally Posted by Xegiie View Post
like there was someone usesful at the end
You Jagr fanboys are hilarious. You need to see the greater good for the team, him leaving will do more good than harm. The guy is on the decline, as expected from a 40 year old.

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