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05-15-2012, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by White Plains Batman View Post
This hate for the Rangers shot blocking is comical. As someone said earlier, this team did it the wrong way for all those years and got ridiculed and mocked and they finally build a young, hungry, hard working, and likeable team and people complain? C'mon!

This is a very likeable team. Even if you're an Islanders or Devils fan, you only dislike them because of the jersey, not because of the work ethic, etc.

When the lockout started, only three guys on the team blocked shots (Betts, Ward, Ortmeyer) now they've built it as a mandatory character trait. That's called evolution and progress to me.

Stupid haters.

And also, not that anyone is taking it seriously, the best way to shut these people up is to keep on winning and playing hard.
This. Just keep winning. The Caps actually did the smart thing they played our style and gave us a tough time. Funny thing was they were praised for it and they blocked more shots then we did.

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