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05-15-2012, 05:51 PM
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You will have 5 minutes to make your pick when it is your turn. Do not ask me to message you when it's your turn. I won't. You can keep track. Same rule goes for round 2.

I will allow a 5 minute timeout if you are working out a trade. You will get ONE of these.

If you will be present, you must send me a message indicating your team will attend. Don't send me something saying "I'll be there", I won't look you up. If you say you'll be there, and then don't make a pick, you'll be auto'd the rest of the draft, no exceptions.

If you will not be there, send me a list and I will follow it. No list, you will be auto'd. A list should include specific players - do not ask me to 'pick the best defenceman left'. I won't, and you'll be auto'd the next player on the list.

I will not allow people to revise picks - an example of this is someone picking 10th, they show up at pick 17 and say "oh, well player XYZ is still available, can I switch my pick?". You will not. Period. If you want a player, MAKE A PICK OR SEND A LIST.

Basically, this draft isn't going as past ones have that take 5 hours. Bottom line. You now know the rules, so it's easy to follow them!

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