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Originally Posted by Macman View Post
For the record, RNH won't be there. I think he would be the only one. You won't hear any excuses from me. Having only one missing is a dream. It's why I love summer tournaments.
I agree with you. I don't think that the difference between winning or losing is based on the presence or absence of one player. So if, so some reason, Yakupov is not there, or Grigorenko is not there, that is not a basis for Russian fans saying their absence was the difference between winning and losing. It is more a reflection of the depth and quality of a national youth hockey program.

Yakupov is a good example. He may be the #1 NHL draft choice this year, and he may go into the NHL this fall and score a bunch of goals. But during the 2012 WJC, in 7 full games, he failed to score a single goal. There were several games where a little goal-scoring contribution from him would have been welcome, but he didn't deliver. That illustrates why I take issue with some posters who say that if a certain star was there, he would have easily scored 4 or 5 goals a game against "lesser" competition. Most of the kids who play at the top level of the WJC are a year or less away from playing in the NHL or equivalent pro level.

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