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05-15-2012, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by ban View Post
Was talking to a Union construction guy, and he said prior to game 7 they had meeting (not about MSG, just general Union meeting) and they (union) were rooting for Rangers to lose so the jobs can start. The plan was for them to be fully working by now. Do not know if new plan is more workers to expedite, later start of home season, or leaving things unfinished, but it is a concern.
This is cute.

Not sure what idiot you talked to but this makes no sense. You know there are different trades its not just "union construction" guys right?

Im a union Ironworker and a good amount of my friends were on the phase 1 renovation at msg and trust me not one of them gives a **** if the job starts sooner or later. If they are Ranger fans they want them to win and dont care about that. You act like the people who planned the job didnt count on this possibility? If they didnt they are morons and shouldnt be planning jobs.

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