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05-15-2012, 06:18 PM
i bent my wookie
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^Made me think of the Simpsons episode when Homer becomes the voice for Poochie and the whole town is there to watch it and it is awful.

Originally Posted by CycloneLaunch View Post
Good news. 30 for 30 awesome. Enjoyed pretty much everyone I saw, even sports I didn't care for.
Agreed. I still unfortunately haven't seen them all but they used to be On Demand here and if not hey, it's the internet, I can find them, so that'll be what I catch up on this summer. Trying to hold off on watching King's Ransom til I read the book "Gretzky's Tears" though.

As for upcoming, look good. "Broke" one sounds really interesting. While I already know many reasons why athletes go broke even though they had so much, I can only imagine. Hearing the real stories probably makes it all the more incredible. I also know someone who will slobber over the Bo one

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