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05-15-2012, 07:21 PM
nerdy wrist-locks
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right after the NFL makes batting down a pass illegal. I mean, wouldn't football be way more offensive and therefore "fun" to watch if qb's could connect on deep passes without any defensive players being able to interfere?

or the NBA makes blocking a shot illegal. Basketball would see a serious uptick in scoring, and therefore the game would be more "fun" to watch, right?

or any other sport tries to create more points by taking away a fundamental of defense.

If you're advocating making a "shot blocking" rule, then you're probably a fan of a team that doesn't have a mind-set, or players willing, to throw themselves in front of shots. As a fan of a team that does it willingly al the time, it's amazing to watch. Forcing offensive players to make a strong play and find a good lane.

The Capitals blocked WAY more shots then the NYR in the last series, a nd I didn't see a single post from NYR fans crying about how hard it was to generate offense.

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