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Originally Posted by Law View Post
Again though, I'm not saying Nassau is a great location and Suffolk is bad spot -- I'm saying originally putting it in Hempstead was a bad business decision and moving further east to Suffolk would be even worse. And I say that as a die-hard blue-and-orange fan (is there any other kind left at this point?!).

Professional sports organizations (with the possible exception of the NFL which makes gobs of money on their national TV deals) generally need to be as close to the population/media/business centers as possible. An arena in Suffolk may be full every night, but those luxury suites aren't going to generate a ton of income and your corporate base (from both a ticket and media sponsorship perspective) is going to be minor league compared to most other organizations.

Naming rights are another area that would be impeded by an arena out there. They may get something, but it's going to be peanuts compared to what they'd get closer to the population center.

And don't worry Bruno, you're a poster whose opinion I respect, happy to have some back-and-forth on the subject,that's what the board is here for. (and besides, against my numerous requests, I was denied the right to ban anyone who disagreed with me )
Awe thanks Law, you sure now how to make a poster feel good

I see your point though, I took what you said as something completely different. I do see what you mean though by it being a bad business decision. But in the end wasn't the Islanders pretty much just put in there to stop the WHA from putting a franchise in?

I do look forward to potentially going to Teachers Federal Credit Union Arena in Heartland one day(hopefully).

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