Thread: Speculation: Would you take Carle back?
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05-15-2012, 08:59 PM
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Originally Posted by VanSciver View Post
I think in terms of choosing Coburn or Carle, it's about the need you have. Are you looking an all around puck mover, who can provide offense, and play well in his own end, like Carle. Or are you looking for a more defensive stay at home physical type like Coburn. It's about what your looking for. And you need a mix of both to have a good team. If Suter was my #1, then I would want a Coburn type as a compliment to him, as a #2. Versus a Carle.
I would agree with you totally that Suter is closer to a #1 then Carle is. But I honestly feel both are really #2's. But I agree totally with another poster that adding that quality shot from the point is a definite need for the Flyers. And Carle doesn't have that.
Lol I was the other poster that said that, it's one of the main reasons I covet him and want the Flyers to sign him. That shot is desperately needed.

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