Thread: Speculation: Tangradi's next contract
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05-15-2012, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by PenguinTommy View Post
It's from North Pole and Santa Claus is saying it.. are you crazy?

Open the offseason thread, Use search column, type Tangradi and open your eyes...

What do you think I created those quotes? I am not gonna waste my time to prove you're wrong. Find another poster.

You're either blind or you're reading only those posts who you like... You really need to visit ophthalmologist if you don't see such a posts!
No I don't think you created the quotes, but there some dumb posters out there too that I have on ignore because I can't stand reading their posts.

I stand corrected I guess though if that's the case (happy froods?). We agree that he shouldn't be in the top 6 yet, but I think he has the ability to in the future. I think he'll only be a 3rd wheel, but that's all we need on this team with our cap structure.

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