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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
You don't think that one player can make the difference between winning and losing? That is obviously incorrect. It is not to say that a single player will certainly change the results of a game, but to think that removing the best player from a team won't have a significant impact is crazy. Additionally, we aren't talking about taking away one player. Canada has often played without several of the top players. This year I believe it was the five best players. Other countries are generally missing far fewer. If Russia is without Grigorenko and Yakupov next year and lose to a complete Czech Republic team, Russian fans will be right to bring this up when Czech fans make ridiculous claims about having a better youth program than Russia.

It's misleading to talk about Yakupov's lack of goal scoring. Recording 9 assists in 7 games is still highly impressive. Anyway, most people in here are talking about players who are 18 or 19 years old. Those are the players who dominate the tournament year in and year out. No one from Canada is complaining about missing draft eligible players like Yakupov was this past year, so this is irrelevant. It's also completely disingenuous to act like the WJC is only barely "lesser" competition than the NHL. I'm hopeful that this series has as many of the eligible players as possible.
I think the Canadian Parliament should outlaw anyone below 20 from accepting NHL millions on the grounds that it deprives guys like you of the pleasure of a more entertaining World Juniors. Its pretty selfish of the players and their families to want to collect all those millions at age 18 or 19. If they were more sensitive to people, they would wait until they were 21, 22 or even 23 to start making a fortune. Pretty despicable, in my view.

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