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Here is a quick at glance of what Wild Card system will bring. Just a quick reminder, I will compare the two system that is of current East/West and the 4 conference format. I am going to post the standing and what it might end up with the match-up from 2000-01 season to 2009-10 season.

East/West Conference
Season8th Place in Conf.9th Place in opposite Conf.Wild Card GameWinner of Wild Card for First Round Match-up of Stanley Cup playoffs
2000-01Carolina 88 pointsPhoenix 90 pointsPhoenix at CarolinaCarolina or Phoenix at New Jersey
2001-02Montreal 87 pointsEdmonton 92 pointsEdmonton at MontrealEdmonton or Montreal at Boston
2002-03NY Islanders 83 pointsChicago 79 pointsNo Wild Card gameNY Islanders at Ottawa
2003-04NY Islanders 91 pointsEdmonton 89 pointsNo Wild Card gameNY Islanders at Tampa Bay
2005-06Tampa Bay 92 pointsVancouver 92 pointsNo Wild Card gameTampa Bay at Ottawa
2006-07NY Islanders 92 PointsColorado 95 pointsColorado at NY IslandersNY Islanders or Colorado at Buffalo
2007-08Nashville 91 pointsCarolina 92 pointsCarolina at NashvilleCarolina or Nashville at Detroit
2008-09Anaheim 91 pointsFlorida 93 pointsFlorida at AnaheimFlorida or Anaheim at San Jose
2009-10Philadelphia / Montreal 88 points St. Louis / Calgary 90 pointsSt. Louis at Montreal / Calgary at PhiladelphiaTop WC winner at New Jersey #2 in E.C. / Lowest WC winner at Washington #1 in E.C.

Now, you notice that some year, west conference is stronger than east conference, and some year, east conference is stronger than west conference.

Final stats (2000-2010):
-East Conference 8th place is lower than 9th place West Conference, 4 times.
-West Conference 8th place is lower than 9th East Conference, 2 times
-East Conference 8th place is tied with 9th place West conference, 1 time.
-West Conference 8th place is tied with 9th place East Conference, 0 times.
-No Wild Card game: 3 times

In 2005-06 season, Tampa Bay is tied with Vancouver with 92 points but because Tampa Bay is in East Conference is automatically in and no Wild Card Game is needed.

Now, new realignment 4 conference if it comes to pass in future but I will use this. Atlanta is considered Winnipeg in Conference Norris and I will show how this will work for the Wild Card game. I will pick an example from 2000-2001 season with recent proposed realignment and how wildcard will work out and which bracket.

2000-01 Season
Patrick ConferenceAdams ConferenceSmythe ConferenceNorris Conference
Wild Card: Vancouver is 5th in Smythe with 90points while Phoenix is 6th place with 90 points but both of them are better than 4th place in other conference. They are better than Boston with 88 points and Nashville with 80 points in that they finished 4th place in their respective conference. Even though Vancouver and Phoenix is better than them but they are on the road anyways for the Wild Card for travel purpose and punishment for failure to secure top 4 playoff spot for each conference.

Wild Card game #1: Phoenix at Boston (winner plays against Ottawa)
Wild Card game #2: Vancouver at Nashville (winner plays against Detroit)

Playoff bracket will look like this:

Again, this is just an example from final standing from 2000-2001 season but with 4 conference that was proposed and passed last December but nixed by NHLPA. This will give you some idea that this system can work if players are too concerned that better team misses the playoffs in the stronger conference than the weakest conference.

Edit: Just wanted to clarify that season to season is not the same, some year, Smythe is the strongest conference and some other year, Norris is the strongest conference and some year, no wild card is needed due to equal strength in conference. For example, in 2002-2003 season, no wild card is needed despite 4 conferences. Some year, one wild card is needed, and in some other year, 2 wild card games are required to justify this.
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