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05-15-2012, 10:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Clipitar View Post
My post(s) wasn't a knock on McGinn specifically, and I do admit not having caught many of his games, and most of those were as a Shark anyway where he didn't really stand out for me. Preferring Eller to him doesn't mean I'm knocking him though, and I think it's entirely valid to do so since he isn't more proven and had slightly more opportunities to prove his worth at the NHL level so far. And I don't think I'm "doing the same thing" here because I haven't dissected McGinn's fancied flaws in an uninformed post.

What he did in less than 20 games as an Avs is definitely worth of note though, and contrasts with the somewhat limited production he's displayed so far. Sometimes I feel Eller would have more opportunities to play with top-6 linemates if he could be as effective on the wing, which he isn't. Hopefully he'll have the opportunity to get more offensive responsibilities next year. On a finishing note, McGinn is someone I would definitely take on the Habs, but not at the expense of Eller.
There were three differences from McGinn in SJ vs McGinn in Colorado. He got almost 5 minutes more per game in ice time most nights. He was put with Stastny instead of with 3rd line grinders and he was told to shoot more. He has always had a high shooting percentage but never put up anything close to 55 shots in 17 games played.

I wouldn't trade McGinn for ANYTHING right now after seeing what he did when given a consistent opportunity with top 6 talent. Eller does not have the size that McGinn boasts and fast power forwards are very valuable assets.

SJ will look back at that trade and cringe every single time even if McGinn only comes close to what he did after the trade. He paced at 39 goals over 82 games. I would be happy with anything over 20 next year when combined with all of his other tools.

So to each his own

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