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11-24-2003, 04:28 PM
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ESPN couldnt put the NBA away for one freaking night? please. I dont care what anyone says the todays NBA game sucks. teams cant even break 90 or 100, and its not uncommon to see games in the 70's on both sides, and they call it great defense. please, guys cant shoot, cant make free throws and are selfish beyond belief.
Which is all beside the point. No matter how ungodly awful NBA basketball is, it still outdraws the NHL. Why should ESPN put away the NBA for one night? Why should they voluntarily lose viewers? Do they owe something to the National Hockey League that they should hurt their own business?

Basically you want an act of complete charity from ESPN, and if they don't offer something entirely out of charity, you're pissed with them.

i beleive that game would be a great way to get the game marketed ....i believe there are special occasions like that game that the league could use as a marketing tool.
This is what I was trying to explain before. YOU see that game as a special occasion because you're a hockey fan. People who aren't hockey fans don't see that game as anything special. Why should they? They don't know a single person on the Oilers or Habs roster. Thye have little sense of the history of those teams. They have no idea how good or bad those teams are now, nor do they care.

The only reason a non-hockey fan would tune in to that game was because 57,000 people were watching it in an outdoor stadium. Who in his right mind would watch anything solely because a bunch of other people were?

The only time non-hockey fans watch hockey is if something large is at stake like national pride. A game like that played last week is nothing more than an exhibition match with a gimmick attached.

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