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Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
Since you're late to the party or haven't been reading the entire thread, allow me to update you. The central theme here is that the Flyers are 0-13 in the last two playoff seasons when scoring less than four goals.

The score of the elimination game with the Pens was 5-1. We scored more than 4, so we won.
Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
Oh, and once you're in your second year you aren't inexperienced anymore. I didn't know only rookies could be inexperienced.

Sorry I forgot about all those deep playoff runs a majority of the Ranger players have been through during their careers. I must have confused them with the Red Wings.

Let me tell you right now before you start believing in your own genius. You're implying that John Stevens' "system" is what you want to see? Cause John Stevens' "system" and personnel is what got the Flyers to the finals and will ultimately bring the organization more success? This is what you're saying.

Implying that Stevens >> Lavy anything is like saying Bret Ratner >> Christopher Nolan. I orginally thought you were somebody I should consider not listening to or take seriously now I know I shouldn't listen to or take you seriously.

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