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05-16-2012, 12:24 AM
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Originally Posted by KingPurpleDinosaur View Post
I really don't agree with the Doan hit being dirty. All the analysts have been saying the same thing, Lewis turned at the last second when Doan was already near the hit. They didn't even see that as a game misconduct and I agree with them. If you don't agree with the analysts, then you should at least give weight to DS who said it was a hockey play and he didn't have a problem with that hit. Even he commented that Lewis turned late, he wasn't "defenseless" as defined by the rules

Smith, Morris, and Hanzal were dirty though. Hanzal should get a suspension. Smith won't because there's been no precedence and I don't think they'll use playoffs to set it. But I definitely think they should. That was blatant intent to injure. There's nothing hockey to that.
This I agree with 100% Doan's call was kind of BS and I didn't really get how it was a game misconduct. SHould of been a 5 minute and nothing more than that I though as your right Lewis turns and then Doan hits him. Lewis put himself in a spot to be hurt severly and Doan finished a check that he had already started. But the others, those were blatant...

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