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Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
With Steven's players who were taught how to play defensive hockey.
First there is a difference between teaching a player how to play hockey and the system a coach uses. Most of the players learned how to play defense long before coming to the Flyers Timonen, Pronger, Betts, Hartnell, Gagne, etc. (or never really learned in some cases like Briere). A few there were a few players that he would have had more of an impact on like Richards and Carter, but even they had previously played under Hitchcock who we could theoretically give credit too. But Carter was ok defensively nothing to write home about. Richards while he defenatly has improved over the years has been known to be good defensively going back to his junior days. Besides the Flyers let up less goals per game in 2009-10 after Lavi took over. Last year with the Flyers playing Lavi's system for the whole season they allowed less goals (223 GA) season than any season that Stevens coach during (225 GA being the least amount they gave up during a season he coach during which is the one he was fired during).

Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
Wrong. Lavy has a voice, and a strong one at that, when it comes to personnel on this team.
Sure the coach has input no decent GM would make decisions like that with out finding out watch the coach things. But in no way is the coach the final say on personnel decisions. Heck in some cases the GM isn't even calling the shoots Snider (Bryz)

Originally Posted by 35NW8ING View Post
LOL. Yeah it's the goalie's fault when we can't score four goals. This team is not built and does not play a style that can win tight checking, low scoring, playoff hockey. 0-13 the last two years in the playoffs proves that.

Was it the goalies fault when we lost two 1-0 games in the Buffalo series last year?
Did I say that it was only the goalies fault? No I did not, but the goal tending has been awful the last two years in the playoffs and was arguable the biggest reason (not the only). There is a reason that Boucher and Leighton weren't on the Flyers this year (in large part because they were awful in the playoffs last year), as was Bob who is still just a back up goal. In the Devils series Bryz was decent, but even then he cost the team goals. In the Penguins series he made some good saves at times they needed too, but overall it was a pretty mediocre performance.

In the last two playoffs the goalies combine for a 3.54 GAA (3.8 GAA not counting the two 1-0 games) which is not good enough. Even worse their combine goals against average over the last two playoffs was a combine .886% which would qualify as average, if you're talking about a goalie in the 1980s (even then this was only average not even good). Today the average save percentage is around .913%. So the goal tending was literally below average not even a little below. With stats like that indeed they would need to score 4 goals to compensate for the inadequacies of the goal tending. I agree the team isn't constructed to win tight checking games with Pronger (and Mez and Grossman). I expect the GM to address this personnel issue in the off season. But the goal tending has been well below average in the playoffs that is a fact.

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