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Originally Posted by f1nn View Post

According to that article Finnish people use success in ice hockey to boost their self confidence


For the sake of our fragile egos please let us win..
I really wish the Finns good luck and that they may find back to their normal performance, means a massiv improvement of their game.

Unfortunately the statistic speaks against the Finns. The Finns have possibly from the top hockey nations, Sweden, Russia, Canada, Czechoslovakia the worst statistic concerning home WHC.

Though the host nation has never won the title since 1987 and it's in general more difficult to play at home than abroad, Sweden, Russia, Canada or the Czechs won at least once a medal when the WHC has been held in their country only the Finns have never achieved it. I don't know if it's a mental problem but it seems to me that the Finns are not able to play on the same level as soon the WHC is played in their country than in a foreign country.

Abroad they have already won several medals and even 2 titles but as last years title was an exception to the rule may be this year is also an exception to the rule concerning home WHC.

I know it's the quarterfinal they first have to reach the semifinal before it's possible to win a medal. But at home the Finns never passed the quarterfinal.

I hope I'm wrong but I'm not very optimistic I'm afraid it will be the last game for them at this WHC.

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