Thread: Speculation: Will Jonas Holos make a return?
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05-16-2012, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Dalfan View Post
I met Holos at the airport last season when he was called up from the monsters. Ever since then I've been following him and his international play and absolutely loved him.

However, The avalanhce have no rights to Holos and he was released early this season by request in order to play in Europe. I don't know why every single avalanche fan ITT missed that.

Which is what happened as he played overseas all season. So no, we don't have any rights to him and, as much as I would love it, I highly doubt to see him back here.


I expect to see him in the NHL somewhere after this WC performance. Even the Lakers coach Per Backman stated that he is incredible and should be playing in the NHL.

Well Backman (he is swedish) is the team Denmark coach and its not often a danish coach says something positive about norwegians (well when it comes to sport) To them we are just a bunch of mountain apes

Edit: Well i dnt think HolÝs should play in the NHL. He got a great shot and can make some smart plays. However he needs that extra space he gets on european ice I believe that HolÝs should go for a top KHL club. Lots of money, high level hockey etc

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