Thread: Equipment: What's Your Current Gear?
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05-16-2012, 10:52 AM
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i`m buying things gradually, hoping to begin playing in fall

i`ve been skating hard for the last 5 months on some cheapo skates aha

so far have:

reebok 6k bag
reebok 5k shoulder pads (good value for the price)
bauer vapor x40 elbow pads (found them on sale, couldn`t pass up)

likely getting:

bauer 9900 helmet
bauer 4 roll pro gloves
bauer supreme one 75 shin guards (they`re out there at good value)
tackla 951 long pants

bauer vapor x 40 stick
bauer vapor x 40 skates


i`m really tall and have a big head aha so my size limits some of the things i can get

i often have to get stuff that`s higher end in a given line because bigger sizes seem to come in that model

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