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05-16-2012, 10:02 AM
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There have been a number of studies done to test the effect of caffeine on exercise. I thought this was the most relevant one since the training interval they used (the wingate test most closely resembles a hockey rotation

In short caffeine had no effect on performance.

The argument can be made for taking caffeine to increase mental alertness. But in a hockey game or any sport really, the adrenaline alone does a pretty damn good job taking care of that.

I do prefer caffeine prior to a weightlifting session, because it's so mind numbing and my heart rate is rarely elevated. I take caffeine in the form of Stacker-2 or Stacker-3 pills (150 and 250mg of caf/serving, respectively)... was never a fan of nrg drinks or coffee.

In short, IMHO: yay for caffeine prior to stricktly anaerobic activity (weight lifting, TPS reports, poker, monopoly)... nay prior to aerobic/endurance exercise due to negligible benefits, heart stress, and dehydration as playerwinner has mentioned (sports, jogging, teh sex0rz).

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