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05-16-2012, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by mydnyte View Post
Marco Sturm and Wayne Primeau and defenseman Brad Stuart was the return for 26 year old Thornton.

Sturm ~= MacArthur (though MacArthur's stats are better than Sturm's were. career high 56 points)

Wayne Primeau = Steckel ...but i'd be wiling to upgrade him to Armstrong for you.

Brad Stuart < Gunnarson (to be honest, Gunnar is better than Stuart ever was)

so, there you have it, the new version of the trade, in fair value to what was paid.

MacArthur + Armstrong + Gunnarson



I'm guessing that SJ will pass, but, no way in the world you get what you expect from any team, forget a team that cannot afford to give away assets like the Leafs.

...try Buffalo, at least they may offer Roy!!
That trade was also one of the most lopsided trades in Sharks history. The Sharks aren't going to give up Thornton for nothing because they don't have to. They'd require at least one player in return that has the potential to turn into a player of Thornton's level. Kadri, Colborne, Kulemin just don't have that. That's why the 5th overall pick is a starting spot.

I think if the Sharks were to trade Thornton it would make more sense to trade him to a contending/near-contending team that needs a 1C. That would be the team that values Thornton most, not a rebuilding team that needs a few more pieces to become a viable playoff threat.

That being said, I'm against trading Thornton barring either a complete rebuild (Marleau and Boyle moved as well) or an overpayment.

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