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11-24-2003, 04:43 PM
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OT: Just bought my first car!

Just bought a purple (yes, purple!) 1994 Chevrolet Cavalier for $750. I bought it from a guy who lives at a condo complex my dad works at. Was asking for about $1,000 but gave us a discount. Not bad at all for a first car, I love it. The body is in excellent condition, everything works, 128,000 miles but still runs great. Supposedly the 1994 engines by GMC which were used in the Buicks, Chevrolet's, etc, are some of the best engines around. My sister has a '94 buick that has 212,000 miles and it still runs fine. My dad's friend is a mechanic and he said these engines, you just can't kill.

The car belonged to this guy's daughter and she put in a $450 stereo system in it two years ago, so that's pretty sweet. Also he bought a brand new transmission a year ago and it passed inspection with no problems last week before he sold it, so it's good to go! Hoping to get about a year out of it if I can at the very least. Probably in a few months will invest in a paint job, i'm thinking jet black would look really cool.

I took driver's ed over the summer and have my junior license now, so I can drive back and forth to work. I only have to wait three months until my 17th birthday in March when I can get my full license.

Edit: Added a pic, this isn't my exact car, just a pic I found on the net...exactly the same though!

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