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05-16-2012, 10:15 AM
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It's quite simple. There are plenty of players in the organization that have a great shot in specific situations. However, their shot also isn't great in special situations as well.

Spezza's wrist shot is heavy and can beat goalies clean from anywhere. His slap shot is great as well. However, he doesn't have much of a one-timer at all, and often has to stop a pass before shooting it.

Karlsson has a great slapshot and one-timer, and but the release on his wrist shot is quite slow if compared to any great goal scorer.

Silfverberg's wrist and snap shot are great. He release is lightning quick and he can beat the goalie from anywhere in the offensive zone. That being said, he does need a bit of space to pull it off, and the puck needs to be in his wheelhouse for him to really get off the perfect shot.


What makes Petersson's shot unique is the range he has on it. He shot is great in every situation, in that he can roof it upstairs on his backhand while in tight with the goaltender, beat the goalie clean from the blueline with a slapshot, rip a one-timer top corner far side on a hard cross-ice pass or snipe a goal from the top of the circles before the goalie reacts to the shot. Not only that, his shot is just as great whether the puck is sitting in his wheelhouse, or not in that he can rip the shot where he wants even if the puck is too far in front of him, or behind his body, or sitting too close to his skates. That's a skill that separates the great goal scorers from those are just really good.

Petersson might not make the NHL, due to his size and ability to play at a high level in all aspects of the game, but in terms of pure shot ability, there isn't anyone better in the organization.

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