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05-16-2012, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by ganave View Post
I'm looking for suggestions for goalie bags?

I'll probably be occasionally taking the subway on off-peak hours sometimes. Between myself and my g/f we just have one car.

I imagine one bag is going to be ginormous, so I was looking at a bag for legpads and another one for everything else.

Well, playing ball hockey I used one 'ginormous' bag, and I don't drive so it was all buses and trains and walking, and I did OK. Most people are cool with the giant bag thing lol. Anyway, IMO, a bag for legpads and another for the other stuff might be a little unmanageable when you consider there's the matter of carrying the stick too. Even with just one bag that was awkward as heck.

Although if you get one of those hockey backpacks for the gear (would a C/A fit in there? goal pants are huge also...) and then carry around the legpads and the stick that might be manageable. That could work. Can you go into a store to 'test out' the configuration? Lol

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