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Originally Posted by bombers15 View Post
If any New Yorkers can help me out here, that would be great.

I'm coming from Ottawa to Manhattan. I am driving but am obviously not going to use the car for the three days I'm there.

So I was thinking of parking near the Van Cortlandt Park station and then taking the subway from there. That part is straight forward enough, but I was just wondering if anyone knew about parking near there. Doing some basic research it seems that there is free street parking and also a parking garage near there. Will that work to leave the car for a couple days?

Otherwise I don't really know where to leave the car. Thanks.
You can do that as the 1 train is only a couple stops away from upper Manhattan. Your car will be safe just about anywhere in that part of the Bronx (Riverdale) or Manhattan, though you're probably better off leaving it somewhere in Manhattan depending on where you're staying. Just be sure to read the street cleaning/alternate side parking regulations before leaving the car there for a couple of days.

I live in upper Manhattan, Hudson Heights and alternate side parking is in effect everyday but Wednesday (Monday/Thursday on one side and Tuesday/Friday on the other).

Originally Posted by Problematique View Post
Hi all, hopefully you guys can help an Aussie Ranger out.

I've booked my second New York trip for this December (Would kill to be at the Garden now but ).

Anyway, this time I'm staying for a few weeks rather than the 10 days which I didn't get to do much besides the Pinstripe Bowl, Lady Liberty, a Rangers game and a Prince concert.

Firstly when will the NHL 12/13 schedule come out? I want to get to as many Rangers games as possible.

Besides the Bronx for Yankee Stadium, I didn't get to visit any of the other boroughs besides Manhattan last trip. What are some cool places in Brooklyn to check out? Any other recommendations?

How accessible are Boston/Philly/Chicago/Washington? Am I right in assuming you can take the train to all of them? Could any body give me some rough figures and some reccomendations for nice hotels and must check out spots?

Thanks and go Rangers!
Take the L train to Bedford Ave., first stop in Brooklyn after 1st Ave., and walk around. Plenty of bars, live music, shoppes, the waterfront and an assortment of interesting places once you're in that area (Williamsburg). Also the A/C train to High Street-Brooklyn Bridge or F train to York Ave. will put you in DUMBO which while not as hip as Williamsburg, it also offers various cool spots.

As for getting to Boston/Philly/Chicago/Washington, simply any train to 42nd street Port Authority in Manhattan and you'll be able to jump on a bus to just about anywhere.

Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
If you're going to park and leave your car for a few days while you're IN Manhattan, you may as well park in Manhattan. The UWS has tons of street parking from say..... 79th to 96th street is a good place to look. May take you 20 or 30 minutes to find a spot, but it's free and you can leave it for as much as 3 or 4 days (Tuesday to Friday or Monday to Thursday as well as over the weekend).
Like I mentioned before, you better be reading those alternate side parking regulation signs right or you'll end up with a bright orange envelope on your windshield accompanied by the City's favorite cash cow, the parking ticket.

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