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05-16-2012, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Vorkosh View Post
I think you will be very surprised at the the return he fetches.

Unlike fans, GM's know the value Luongo brings.

1)It's only a 10 year deal if Luongo stays for all 10 years, he's not going to play for 1 million per year after making 6 million.

2) Luongo will no longer have a NTC after he gets dealt as once it's waived it's waived for the length of the contract

3) Luongo is only 33, Thomas and Brodeur are both 39ish and playing great, no reason Luongo can't do the same, which means you get 6 good years

4) Someone with Luongo's career numbers at only a 5.33 cap hit is a steal. It doesn't matter if Luongo is getting paid 6 million or 20 million, it's not your money, it's the owners, the cap is still a manageable 5.33m

5) If the return for Luongo isn't what Gillis wants, we will keep Luongo and trade Schneider. Vancouver fans have no problems keeping Luongo, he's a great goaltender that sucks in October, and came within 1 game of winning it all, which is more than a lot of other goaltenders have done that's out there.

So this is the primary rebuttal to Luongo's contract concern now is it? That we're expecting him to retire and leave the money on the table?

How many times has that happened in the history of the NHL - when a player retires and leaves large amounts of money on the table?

Only a 10 year deal.... only a 10 year deal that, if he goes south in 3, completely hammerscrews the acquiring team over. Completely. Plus that NTC may not get waived - its at the discretion of the acquiring team to honour it, and may be conditional in Luongo's terms.

There's little doubt he's a capable tender now. But the risk that accompanies that contract is too high to justify both acquiring him AND giving up significant assets in the process. THAT is what GMs are saying. Trade Schneider, you'll get a much better return for him.

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