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Originally Posted by Copeland View Post
ganave - so jealous!! Haha but seriously that all looks great, and it's pretty obvious you can't wait to get out there and use it!! May the velcro be with you :p

So I've hit a giant snag in the road. I'm being transferred to South America where the only ice available to me is in a shopping mall and is too small for people to play hockey on... Sigh No goalie adventures til I get back for real in a year or two. Well at least I can still skate every now and then but those babies are gonna take a lot of space in my luggage. I hear this place is a university town, so they might be up for some street hockey... One can only hope.

Edit: A little thought popped up in my head. How hard is it to play goalie in soccer? Harder to pick up than hockey? And would it help my hockey skills enough to be worth the bother? Because if I'm going to the land of 'futbol'....
Goalie isn't so hard in football. I doubt it would help that much after some general positioning ideas though.

-Keep it simple - try to get your body between the ball and the goal, if you don't catch the ball, it'll hit your body instead of going through your arms or legs and into the goal.
-You know how much hockey goalie equipment is? When I was playing goalie at school (just PE lessons), I had some Adidas Fingersaves, which let your fingers go forward but stopped them being forcibly pushed backwards. Great for stopping them getting hurt, they were 60 or so, which was a lot when all I had was 20 a month pocket money and a 15/week paper round.
-Get used to diving to your left and right, you probably won't be able to make amazingly athletic diving saves to stop those screamers join gin the opposite top corner, but it's useful for those low drives (you don't have massive pads so can't really play Butterfly)!
-You'll be using both hands to catch the ball, try and tip the ball over the bar/into touch if you can't catch the ball. You don't want there to be any rebounds really.
*I wasn't a great goalie, but these were tips I remember from our PE teacher (who incidentally played Basketball for Great Britain in the 60s)

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