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05-16-2012, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by zorz View Post
Slovan IMO needs to find some big company to sponsor him. Latvia is smaller country than Slovakia and still can run ok KHL team. The same shouldn't be a problem in Slovak capital.
yes, I think it wants time to happen. I read interview of Supler where he said that he had cca 5 milions euro budget (IMO for players salary) in first season in Riga, next season it was around 7-8 according to him. Maybe minimal budget incereased next season (league regulations), but so much?? HC LEV had 10-11 milions euro in Poprad, today they have 19. I can imagine the same scenario with Slovan.
Donbass is another story, we all know who Kolesnikovs is I dont know how situation was in Minsk and Astana, but it is irrelevant - former CCCP countries, no central europe like Slovan, LEV + Riga (all EU members, another view of ecomony - not state companies)

So, Slovan started with lesser budget as every KHL club from Europe did.

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