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Originally Posted by rocketfan View Post
will making the teams draft 2 american kids help or will only so many report to the bigger markets, like lets say the Rocket draft two kids what are the chances they report
It's a good question with no easy answer. There's a lot of questions for a kid to answer:
- which develops players better?
- what's the cost?
- what if I'm not good enough for the NHL?
- what is life like?

For a borderline player -- nobody's a guarantee -- it might be a career limiting move to play up here. If buddy is good academically, University of Michigan will look better on the resume than Halifax Mooseheads. American colleges bring status that the CHL cannot compete with.

Sports scholarships at the big schools are roughly $30k a year. Bump that by a third and it will cost $160k to begin enticing player for four years, probably much more.

Many American colleges have great coaching staffs with recognizable names. Saint John and Quebec can currently compete, but can the rest?

American college players play against bigger, stronger opponents who follow systems closer to the NHL. The Q is much looser hockey and much less physical.

American colleges travel at least some by air. Q players bus it, a lot.

American players get to live in great American cities and communities. I've toured my share. No comment on ours.

IMHO we're not going to attract players unless they have unusual circumstances. Coyle's team was imploding, and who knows what other factors played a part. For all I know he's as smart as a doorknob and was going to fail out, maybe he just couldn't stand his coach, or maybe he had a woman problem - it happens. All I know is he's playing hockey now and no other US college kid is right now, except Kreider.

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