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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
yes, I think it wants time to happen. I read interview of Supler where he said that he had cca 5 milions euro budget (IMO for players salary) in first season in Riga, next season it was around 7-8 according to him. Maybe minimal budget incereased next season (league regulations), but so much?? HC LEV had 10-11 milions euro in Poprad, today they have 19. I can imagine the same scenario with Slovan.
Donbass is another story, we all know who Kolesnikovs is I dont know how situation was in Minsk and Astana, but it is irrelevant - former CCCP countries, no central europe like Slovan, LEV + Riga (all EU members, another view of ecomony - not state companies)

So, Slovan started with lesser budget as every KHL club from Europe did.
Slovan will have a very good budget I think. What is their salary payroll in the extraliga this year, does anyone know?
in this ( article the president sais they can get a 12million Euro budget, which I think they have.

That is about $15.27 million, which is a very solid amount. Middle of the league I'd estimate.
Plus Slovan is a very rich club. Not in the sense of money only but in general. IMO they are the best Slovak club and a club accustomed to winning and the highest achievement. They are one of the best in Europe participating in the Champions League and other top Euro tournaments (ie ET). They have a rich history and their club structure is worked out very well. Their management is obviously strong and they fact that they make such a bold move to step into the KHL shows alot about their character, I think. I am very happy and honoured that Slovan will be in the KHL, and it will be one of my favourite teams.

IMO I think it is good that Slovan is not hugely state funded and I think that with a spectacular arena like they have that will have one of the highest attendances in KHL(maybe next season when fans get used to it). Anyway they will charge more for tickets and will be the closest, beating Riga, in self sustainability in a couple of years.

With regard to the budget also, I think one has to take into consideration many factors. Yes the budget will be less and in general budget is proportional to success, but to what extent? Ottawa Senators played with a budget $15(or 12 I forgot)million under the cap with many rookies and in a rebuild and still made it to the playoffs taking NYR to game 7! SKA with the highest budget constantly gets kicked out and the Salavat and esp Ak-Bars supremacy is seemingly over despite massive budgets. The players staying in Slovan from the Extraliga roster are very good and have the potential to step up their game. They are there for quite cheap I imagine so that is a bonus. Slovan will have extra money in that case and as mentioned before the market for Slovak and Czech players is cheaper than what Russian clubs have to spend. Again, as mentioned before top AHLers are very cheap, for example Matt Dalton an amazing goalie from the minors that Vityaz scooped up. And I think the club is in a unique position where many Scandinavian or NAns will come to Slovan rather than Novokuznetsk or Yugra. I think with the strong management Slovan can have one of the highest values for the money they have, and it will be very interesting to see how it all happens.

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