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05-16-2012, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by agentfouser View Post
I think part of the media problem in Los Angeles is that the local sports reporters just don't know hockey. You see this in obvious gaffes like the Sacramento Kings logo the other night, but also when talk radio guys try to talk about it. It's clear pretty quickly that they don't really follow the game or understand its ins and outs. And lookign at the ESPN example, why was the Clippers' loss the top story? Some producer decided to run that first. If that producer knows more about hockey and has hockey-literate reporters, then they can say something about it. The same with the KNX 1070 example someone posted earlier, where they talk baseball and basketball and then refer the listeners to their website for hockey. I'll bet money that their website just has a bunch of links to associated press articles or The reason they're not talking about it is that they don't know how.

Hammond, Quisp, Helene Elliot, places like HF or LGK ARE the hockey media in Los Angeles. These are the only people capable of speaking or writing intelligently about hockey in southern California, and until that changes, and we get more proper, KNOWLEDGEABLE hockey people in sports reporting, hockey will continue to get low billing.

The only way I can see this happening is if the Kings win consistently for a few years. They have to FORCE the local media to pay attention to them, not just for one playoff run, but every year.

You are forgetting Kingscast on Youtube!

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