Thread: Equipment: What's Your Current Gear?
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05-16-2012, 05:51 PM
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Helmet: Easton Stealth something or the other with Itech RBEII 1/2 shield
Shoulder: Itech 255
Elbows: CCM V10
Gloves: Bauer Vapor XX
Pants: Bauer Supreme something or the other
Shins: Missions. very old. Maybe 10 years?
Skates: Bauer Supreme One90's
Sticks: Currently using Bauer Vapor:X50 OPS Int 67 cut down P88, Bauer One60 OPS Int 67 cut down P88, Bauer TotalOne Int 67 Shaft w/Easton blade Iginla. I'll occasionally play with an old Easton Ultralite Shaft or Louisville Genesis Shaft.

The Vapor X50 is my go to stick. I love the lower kick point. I like the shaft to be relatively stiff for stick handling and passing but flex when I shoot. The TotalOne shaft has flex all the way down the shaft and just feels like a noodle to me. It is light, though.

I love the One90 skates. But I think they're starting to break down. I've seen a lot of place closing One100's so I might bite the bullet. Even though I"m an old man, I can fit a jr size 5.5D... that saves a hundy or so on the price.

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