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05-16-2012, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by magnoctophas View Post
Leafs: 13 Cups
Oilers: 5 Cups
Flames: 1 Cup

The Oilers and Leafs are trending upwards and have solid young cores, and will only improve them with high picks this year. Calgary is stuck in the position the Leafs and Oilers were in from 2005-2008, not good enough to be a contender, but not bad enough to get a lottery pick. Sure, you can get lucky and nab a Sven Bartschi, but the Oilers nabbed Jordan Eberle and their retooling came to a crashing halt at the end anyways. The fact is, the Flames of now were the Leafs/Oilers of a few years ago, and we've all seen the situation play out. As an Oilers fan, I'm kind of hoping the Flames deal their 2014/2015 first round picks, because 2013 is the year Iginla's contract expires, and 2014 the year Kipper's contract expires. The team will be headed towards some very dark times these two years, and it would be hilarious for them to not get Aaron Ekblad and Connor McDavid out of it.
Firstly, I don't see what about the Leafs puts them on an "upward swing". We hear a ton about their prospects, but the only player so far to step up into anything that even remotely resembles a player you could build around is Kessel. He was dynamite in parts of the season, but pretty lackluster in others. He also becomes a UFA in two years.

Secondly, yes the Oilers have lots of young prospects/players (drafting first three years in a row will do that). However, they didn't choose that plan. It was thrust upon them.

Yes things got much worse for the Oilers/Leafs, but that doesn't mean that will happen to the Flames. There are plenty of teams that have managed to turn things around without tanking. Plus neither of the Oilers or Leafs have turned anything around. Why do we need to follow their model?

It also wasn't just the lack of "rebuild" on the Leafs that made them awful. They traded away first round draft picks and made awful awful free agent signings, which left them right up against the cap. And Toronto still seems to be making awful choices for free agents: Connolly, Komisarek, etc...

So as long as Feaster continues on his path, the Flames can avoid Toronto's fate. Obviously if the right deal for Iggy comes along, you trade him, but trading him for the sake of tanking is going to get you nowhere.

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