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05-16-2012, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by MISC View Post
I hate both teams for different reasons.

Obviously, still bitter about losing to the B's in the SCF. I was born in Winnipeg and spent 19 years in that cesspool, BUT all that hate shouldn't stand in the way of a good hockey trade!

To Boston

Kane, Evander

To Winnipeg

Krejci, David.
Hamilton, Dougie.
2nd round pick.

Kane epitomizes the Bruins game/system. Young, mean, fights and is a brilliant winger. Every pore in my body would resonate with jealousy if Kane had a B on his chest, but he would be unreal with them.

Winnipeg needs depth at C, desperately and Hamilton helps a much needed prospect pool as well as the 2nd rounder.

i really like evander kane but i guess he is a lw and that is a problem fitting in for boston. I guess marchand would be the guy that loses his spot to kane? it means it would make sense for marchand to be the first piece of the puzzle headed back to winnipeg.

i mean... assuming winnipeg wants to move kane and becomes a motivate seller. any rumors hes unhappy in winnipeg?

i dont really think winnipeg needs krecji and hamilton is an untouchable. id given up one of the prized kid forwards in boston's depth chart as part of the deal... i guess knight makes the most sense for winnipeg. and id give up a first to cause i love kane.

so my counter proposal would be marchand, a first, and knight for kane. it would hurt to see so much depth headed out the door but kane is real real good imo and worth it. he isnt enough to get me to agree to move hamilton though

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