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05-16-2012, 08:15 PM
mike bowman
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Well Tigers1992 , I agree it is odd . I understand your point of view well and agree with you that those with talent in the north require the opportunity to develop their skills and given the chance to advance . I do live in the north however and have been active in all levels of hockey for many years . I know many of the NOHA executive personally and those behind the scenes . I also have been directly or indirectly involved in the GNML foe it's entire existence . In dealing with the establishment in the NOHA the minor midget organizations chose to ignore the rules and bypass the system . If they had followed the rules there would not have been as much negativity generated . It should be noted that some of the trouble was caused by the OHF ruling that there be a moratorium on new AAA franchise's . As a result it would have required more time and work so they chose to ignore the process . In the end it would have worked out if the organizations had chosen to follow the rules but they didn't .

Now however , the NOHA has developed a new Elite Hockey structure that will address these issues . The GNML has been working hand in hand the last two seasons with the NOHA to ensure the success of the minor midget system in the region . It will provide for development of players and advancement opportunities , as well as raising the skill level of the players who remain in the north and chose to play in the GNML . A win / win situation as they say . As I have stated , there will be issues the first few years as different groups fight to gain control of this new venture and it could lead to a messy situation . Hopefully the saner minds will keep things on the straight and narrow . If so it will be a great move forward for the minor midget aged players in the NOHA . That way more Ryan Kujawinski's , Brodie Silk's , Taylor Dupuis' and all will get to chase their dreams at the next level .

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