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Oh really so when have players reached their potential 30? SK has had 5 solid years in the NHL with 3 of them being sent back and forth to the AHL.Sounds like a young player who needed to mature a bit rather than rushed. His last 18 playoff games have resulted in 1 goal and 6 assists. Can not argue that. Results offensively are unacceptable.
It sounds like to me you are coming up with excuses. SK is 30yo with a lot of playing time. No reason what so ever in what he turns into during long periods in the season and when stuff is on the line. I would rather pay someone else who is going to atleast contribute all year not a game here or there and disappear when it counts.

Exactly Legwand is a "serviceable" 2nd line center. That means yeah he can fill in if you do not have someone else. Maybe I misspoke. David Legwand is a NHL caliber second line centerman in the NHL you just can't plug someone in that role.

Legwand is a 3rd line center at best. Everyone in the NHL knows he is not a threat 90% of the time and is going to pass it off to someone else. Can he get in the right spots for rebounds if not challenged, yes. Can he hit open nets at the end of games, yes. Can he do the same move in shootouts and get goals, yes. Other than that a lot of guys can bring what he brings to the table these days.

The debate is about are need for a top line center and you just admitted yourself that you would be happy with Fisher in a 3rd center role and that Legwand is a serviceable 2nd line center. So again who is are legit number 1 center? At some point you will figure out this team is built from the goal out. We have 3 lines we roll that can all do damage.I am well aware this team is built from the goal out. I am aware that this team is big on defense and goaltending. I am also aware we have several lines that can do damage but you did not answer the ? A lot of typing but no answer to the ? at hand.

Lol you can compare points and i will argue compare the talent they are working with. Kopitar is head and shoulders better than any center we currently have and he is 24. The numbers compare with Richards but none of are guys touch Kopitar, sorry. I never said Kopitar sucked. I pointed out our two centers are not as bad as what you think. What are you going to point out talent wise? Jeff Carter and Dustin Brown are bums? They each have a running mate.

Dustin Brown was on the trading block in Feb. Jeff Carter got on the team in Feb. Kopitar is the one with the majority of the numbers. I never said i thought are centers were bad. I clearly said they are not 1st and 2nd line centers. I challenge you to compare Fisher or Legwand to 70% of other teams top line centers. They do not even come close.

Im sorry but having a top center talent like Kopitar and having the ability to put guys in a correct balance position would be worth the extra 4 million. What are you going to give big money to SK? Never said that. How did the big money tandem of Datsyuk and Zetterburg work out? Or Crosby and Malkin? or Sedin and Kesler? Phoenix is getting by just fine with Antoinne vermette and Martin Hanzel. Back the truck up for those guys. Ill tell you how it worked out. They scored but could not stop anyone else from scoring more. Tell me a playoff game were they scored 1 goal in 2 games? Who are you going to give the money to? How did Fisher, SK, and Legwand work out for the Preds?

No this teams play did not cloud anyones mind of what this team truly is. The five game sample vs Detroit, we were world beaters, which we weren't. The five game sample vs PHO we were trash, which we aren't. The season ends with a loss or missed playoffs for 29 teams. We were better than all but what 4 or 5 teams in the reg season. and better than all but 6 in the playoffs? That is a successful year. It ended bittersweetly, but a good year. All the lucky puck bounces and puck luck stopped after the Detroit series and we got shut down and guys like Legwand, Fisher, Horny, and SK got exposed big time. Exposed? how were they exposed? lack of a backcheck for two games? our whole team let down after beating Det. hell, the fanbase did too. no one here respected the coyotes. even after losing some barely do. They have had a great 15 game run here, no doubt. Did we miss open nets? yep. Did we fail to convert scoring chances? yep. But I wouldn't say they were exposed. and if they were, please be specific what they were exposed for? Give me more than just the cliche.
It was mentioned several times on TV!! that PHX was not even covering Fisher. What does that tell you? A team played hard playoff hockey defense and Legwand, Fisher, and SK could not handle it. Turnover machines. Horny can not hit the broad side of a barn bless his heart. I respected the coyotes so i would not go as far as saying "no one". Missing wide open nets and failing to convert on scoring chances was a black eye for the team all year. I challenge you to go back and either watch the games again or maybe a little closer. Why is that? Why when the defense got tighter we could not score?

All the boom dones except for Webers power play were done at the trade deadline and one a couple of weeks before the playoffs. 90% of those boom dones are going to be gone this summer. The reason the PP was good was more than his shot. If you think otherwise, I beg you to actually watch the games. We had every tool we needed to make a long run. the boom done guys were a direct response to team needs. We may not need those parts in the future.
Are you serious. You are trying to tell me that are PP was not based on a point shot from Weber the majority of the time? Wow, ok. When did you see someone else score on a power play in the playoffs besides someone from far away on the point and it going in or getting deflected? I watched every single game this year many of them in person and i am very sure that are PP strength was a point shot from Weber or another man deep parallel to him. Did AK and SK hook up vs Detroit late in the year, yeah. Not sure anything else stand out where you are begging me to actually watch the games to see.

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