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05-16-2012, 09:57 PM
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Originally Posted by MurrayBannerman View Post
After having a pretty good season in the AHL, you believe that Morin, at 21, is now conclusively damaged goods? His play style has changed a bit but we're still talking about a 21 year old with a ton of talent, who's ranked 3rd on the Hawks prospect list.
Having seen him play personaly in Rockford, Yeah, he is damaged goods. He tried way too hard to impress with a tougher game then he actually plays, and didnt have as good a season as you obviously would like to believe. Defensively, he is horrible, and thats being generous. He shyed away from the boards and was non existant many, many games in a row, then the light turned on and he was decent for a game or two. He was never out there in important situations and isnt the best skater in the world, and will never be. He is a second line scorer, and if there isnt room for that on the Hawks, he wont fit on any other line. And who cares where he is on somebody's opinionated prospect list? Like that matters when? Andrew Shaw was a stud at Rockford and wasnt high on anybodys list last time I checked.
Originally Posted by MurrayBannerman View Post
Leddy is 21 years old and just put up 37 points in the NHL! I guess it's a crime that he's not beyond the standard rate defensemen mature at the NHL level. Sorry he's no OEL or Pietrangelo.
Then he shouldnt be on a team with a Cup window. The only reason he isnt in Rockford working on his defense is because he would be exposed quicker in a league thats a little bit tougher then the sissification that is the NHL. Oh, I remember like it was yesterday when Leddy was pushed around and smacked upside his dome in his short stint while in the Rock. He wasnt anything special then and was rushed to the NHL because he couldnt take the rough stuff.Not that the NHL didnt catch on. I mean, how many goals were given up while he was on the ice last year? 37 points mean very little when you are giving Keith and Seabrook a breather. Mercy points are just that.

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