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05-16-2012, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
Pavelski plays against tougher competition than all of those guys, consistently, and puts up more points (slightly) than Nash doing so at the same time as shutting down those opposing players defensively to a level Nash cannot touch. Pavelski is a selke level defensive forward and I fully expect him to be nominated for one at some point.

Pavelski produces no matter who he is paired with. Again, I point out, for all your hyperbole, Pavelski had more points than Nash when he played on the 3rd line with the likes of Wellwood and Mitchell.

Nash is hugely overhyped and highly overpaid.

You can continue to hype the Nash train all you like, but it's simply not backed up by any evidence, and let me put it in bold for you since no one seems to grasp this:


There value is not equal, Pavelski is a superior two-way player. You talk about hits, Pavelski takes face-offs better than any top centerman int he league. He blocks more shots than Nash, he's better defensively, and he's equal offensively, whether the Nash apologists want to admit it or not.

Until Nash starts putting up 40 goal seasons again I'm not interested in him at $8m a season, sorry. Especially not at the cost of Pavelski, and bringing up Couture isn't even funny. Keep up with the insults, I'll keep up with the facts.
Im not an expert on This, but i dont think pavelski played with wellwood and Mitchell 100% of the season on the third line. I bet some of those points came from playing with the likes of thornton and marleu. Nash dont have the same oppertunity in those cases.

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