Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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05-17-2012, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Gret99zky View Post
The morning show is still trash IMO.

Kind of easy trivia is useless filler. Same with Shut My Big Yap.

The HOF report features two great writers who are not good speakers. Err, ahh, stammer, stammer, can't remember player I'm thinking about's name.....err, what was the question? terrible.

Dustin's silly schoolboy polls like, Who would win in a pool noodle fight? Richie Cunningham or Steve Urkel? Text or tweet me your vote.....zzzzzzzz......??????

And this morning Dustin asks, "Your friend gets bit in the balls by a poisonous snake. Do you suck out the poison or let him die?" I immediately turned to another station.
You have to admit, that's pretty hilarious.

I think you have to have some leniency for the filler type stuff. It's a 4 hour time slot, on a station that has 10 out of 12 hours during the day dedicated to local shows.

I agree that Jones and Matheson aren't great on the radio, but you can't just have MacKenzie and Rishaug and the like on the show every single day.

This is a market that mainly wants hockey talk, with some Eskimos sprinkled in. At this point in the season (really at most points) there simply isn't enough going on to fill four hours up without some filler. And you've gotta leave some stuff for the noon show and Gregor's show as well. Now, this could all be remedied with increased baseball, NBA, NFL, and NCAA talk....but then people would complain that they don't care about those sports.

I thought the Team was at its best when you had the morning show, Stauffer's show in the early evening, and Gregor's show late at night. The local stuff was evenly spread throughout the day. Rome from 10-1, Dan Patrick and Eric Kuselias on ESPN in the afternoon, then McCown's show for an hour. I loved the variety that was provided by that format. But apparently most people want NHL/Oilers all day, so that's the direction they've gone.

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