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05-17-2012, 05:30 AM
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Originally Posted by German Way of War View Post
If Callahan is injured, he has no business playing 26 mins a game in regulation.
Agree 100%. This is the playoffs, they are warriors blah blah.

The problem is Callahan is still playing because they have no one to replace him. Even an injured Callahan is still the most physical player and best PKer this team has.

I'm glad I went to bed after that third goal, that game had loss written all over after the second goal they scored. After the first two game twos, you had to see that comming and I have too much **** to do today to be a zombie because I decided to stay up and witness Abortion On Ice, part 3.

Kreider is going to be awesome. I have high hopes for this kid.

Torts continues to let his emotional and reactionary coaching style cost him games. Along with this team's inability to clear a puck or make the smart play and be patient. The blown coverage last night was so atrocious I forgot I was watching NHL hockey.

Without Lundvist this is a below average team lucky to battle for the 8th seed, he can't bail out their mistakes every night. As good as this defense is, their lapses in judgment prove costly time and time again. For every goal they save, they give one up on a just absolutely abysmal play.

I won't even comment on the offense, which they better address this offseason, win or lose.

I am predicting a game 3 loss and the board goes in to panic mode, but they come back to win 4 and 5, but only one convincingly. Then lose 6, and as for game 7, oh ****, my crystal ball just broke. Dammit!

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